Reasons to buy Ritalin online

By the grace of the world wide web virtually anything can be bought at any hour of the day or night with the press of a button, and medicines are no exception. Moreover, by purchasing medicines online or even through the mail a person can bypass the otherwise stringent prescription laws and have Ritalin delivered the next business day.

Now first things first, what is Ritalin? Well its actual name is Methylphenidate and it is often used to treat nerve disorders such as ADD and ADHD. If the user takes Ritalin as directed and dies not abuse it Ritalin can and has been shown to be a very effective and has very little chance of becoming habit forming. However, for those that DO choose to abuse Ritalin dependency on this drug will of course set in as with any drug. So clearly there are those that take advantage of not needing a prescription for Ritalin solely for the purpose of getting a high.

As for the side effects of Ritalin the list is quite long and some are quite severe. These side effects caused by Ritalin include but are not limited to insomnia, intense headaches, hypersensitivity..anemia even pyschotic episodes. Moreover, with such severe side effects and the lack of a physician to assess how each individuals body will react taking Ritalin without prescription can be a health gamble.

Yet another gamble a user who buys Ritalin without prescription takes goes beyond just the short term effects of this potent medication but in the long term as well. Research has proven that using Ritalin for a prolonged period of time has severe adverse effects on the brain. Some of the long term effects caused by Ritalin can be memory loss, interrupted and diminished cognitive development. Of course as many of the people who take Ritalin are children cognitive delays are of exceptional importance. Moreover being that those who buy this drug without a prescription aren't evaluated by a licensed physician the health risks can be astronomical and irreversible.

Finally, those who order Ritalin without prescription can face yet another altogether different sort of risk. There are con artists who peddle counterfeit pills without regard to the people's who lives they would effect once this poisonous medication is imbibed. Moreover, without the presence of a medical proffesional these side effects can go undetected for an amount of time and thus the health risks could be worsened than if caught early on.

Clearly Ritalin is a highly potent and potentially harmful drug that should be administered by a medical professional. Many who take this drug are children and children are too important for their health to be jeapordized through shortcut buying. Serious care and thought needs to be exercised when using Ritalin as it is not a toy.